Prof. Ishmael Ayim
Head of Department
Staff Grade
Associate Professor
Diploma, Non-Tertiary, Distance & E-Learning
Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology

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Ishmael Ayim is a senior lecturer in the Department of Food Technology, Kumasi Technical University, Ghana. He has a BSc. in Chemistry and an MSc. in Food Science and Technology, all from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana. He obtained his Ph.D. in Food Science and Engineering from Jiangsu University, China.

  • PhD. Food Science and Technology
  • MSc. Food Science and Technology
  • BSc. Chemistry
  • African Society of Food Science and Technology
  • Food product design and ingredient functionality
  • food process engineering
  • food analysis and biorefinery of food waste.
  • Food Processing and Preservation
  • Food Chemistry
  • Food Analysis
  • Chemistry
  • Research Methods
  • Food Science
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